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Teams and Organizations

Coaching principles also can be applied effectively to individuals working together, such as boards, senior executives, partners, divisions, project teams and advisory committees. Coaching can expand the room for diversity, new approaches, and more possibility, as well as productive team thought and action. Coaches, for example, can work with teams to...

  • enhance team leadership skills
  • launch a new project
  • prepare for negotiations
  • convert a strategy into achievable action
  • make meetings more productive
  • manage conflict
  • harness diverse skills
  • work as a virtual team

Organizations get lasting results by maximizing their most valuable resource – people. Your technology, systems, procedures, mission and visions – all need people to make them work – people who work well, as well as work well together. No enduring and self-generating progress is ever achieved with cookie cutter seminars. I can work with you to create a customized strategy that fits your organization’s values, mission and business goals. The strategy may roll out as individual and team coaching, training, workshops, retreats, strategic meetings, as well as bringing in other expert assistance as needed.

Together we can create strategies:

  • instill a teamwork and coaching culture
  • align daily operations with a vision, values and business goals
  • build partnerships with other organizations
  •  integrate new acquisitions
  • institute new policies and procedures
  • enhance project management
  • improve communication between production and sales
  • comply with regulations
  • launch important projects and initiatives
  • improve quality and customer service
  • design new products
  • increase productivity rates
  • uncover breakthrough solutions to persistent problems

What people say

With Reid’s support, we accomplished more than I thought we ever could – breakthroughs that will set direction for the years to come. He has a light touch. He "never took the oar to us, but from time to time I felt a nudge on the till."

– Senior Scientist, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company.

Reid has a unique ability to link concepts and show their interrelatedness. His ability to integrate ideas and relate them to what is happening has helped build my own and others' abilities to take intentional action.

Vice President for Human Development, Regional Bank

Reid is helpful and knowledgeable.  His experience in the field and in business have given him the ability to work with all types of personalities and corporate cultures.  I felt as though he really had both our personal and our corporation's best interest in mind.

--  Project Manager, Member Management/Leadership 
Training Team, Satellite Communications Corporation

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