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Sometimes when we want to improve something in our life or achieve a specific goal, we need a mentor, a motivator, a confidant or a catalyst for change – a coach. A coach can help you examine and clarify what you want and then encourage you to access your inherent strengths and creativity to reach your goals. A coach can help you unleash your potential.

Perhaps you want to...

  • communicate more clearly with your board
  • achieve more balance in life
  • improve relations with colleagues or another department
  • develop executive presence
  • master a skill
  • become more creative
  • take charge of your career
  • adapt to a new life situation
  • enhance delegation skills
  • organize and prioritize work effectively
  • conduct better meetings
  • prepare for partnership or a new assignment
  • find greater purpose and meaning

Whatever you want, creating change is a complex process, not subject to quick fixes. It is a journey that takes time and commitment.

Different for everyone, coaching must fit each person’s unique needs and circumstance. The process involves discovering new ways of looking at yourself and the world, determining what you value and what gives you meaning, then nurturing change by practicing new ways of operating and building on success.

We talk face to face, as well as by phone. Together we design a program of assignments for you to complete and new practices to explore. We see what works best and alter the course based on your experience until you get what you want.

I view myself as your partner in this process – someone in your corner, to help you recognize and bring out the excellence. I can help you create a personal way to deliberately continuously improve, with a light heart and your own voice. As your coach, I am committed to your flourishing in a changing environment and developing a rich, purposeful, engaging, effective and success-filled life.

While the impetus may come from one part of your life – work, personal, family, community – you can apply principles you learn and practice with a coach to every aspect of your life.

What people say

In the course of planning a major life-transition encompassing both a career and a geographic move, I became "stuck." The harder I worked at trying to figure out how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be, the more immobilizing the process became. Reid’s insights, observations and probing questions helped me unlock the process and get moving again on the path to change. Working with Reid was one of the wisest investments I've ever made!

Vice President, Technical Publishing Company

Reid is the guide you pray for in the more confusing thickets of your life.  With an expert combination of experience, training, insight, and intuitive feeling, he helps you untie the knots you've wrapped around your aspirations and free your energies for a happier, more vibrant life.  I'm glad I found him when I did.

-- Director of Technical Policy, Multinational Aerospace Corporation

As a finance guy, I tend to look at things in terms of return on investment.  Working with Reid was never an  expense; it was an investment in my future career path and I am still realizing bountiful returns on that investment.

-- Operating Director, Finance and Development, Venture Capital Firm




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