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Integral Coaching and Consulting

The hallmark of the Integral Coaching and Consulting Approach is collaboration – a partnership built on trust, respect and communication. The Integral Coach commits to the client developing clear intent, generating excellent performance, attaining fulfillment and creating deeply rooted value.

This approach honors your organization’s most valuable resource – the people who work together, who have the ideas, who create the goals, who implement the plans and who show up each day for the opportunity to express who they are.

The Integral Coach collaborates with you and the people in your organization to take a fresh look at all aspects of your business and your world. The Coach helps shape a development path and then supports the process by observing progress, sharing experience, providing feedback and offering new ways to think about things.

The Coach’s intent is to help your organization shift to ways of thinking and being that energize your workplace, foster vision, harness creativity and leverage cooperation for productivity.

What is a Coach?

A coach is your partner, a change agent, a sounding board, a resource, a guide, a mentor, a friend, a safe haven. A coach is committed to your recognizing and achieving what you want. A coach helps put you in charge of your own future.

A coach has only your agenda. A coach helps you know where you are, discover new possibilities, determine your path, overcome the roadblocks and avoid detours.

A coach observes and listens deeply to raise questions that help you unlock potential, unleash spirit, create effectiveness and reach fulfillment.

A coach leads you to discover your best self and realize possibilities beyond what you could imagine.

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